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Danisa Butter Cookies

Danisa Butter Cookies

Cookies certainly make our tongue want to taste it every day, one of the practical cookies that can be available for us is Danisa butter cookies. Surely many people already know this, various groups certainly like this one cake.

The question that arises is why Danisa butter cookies are so popular?

Not without reason, because Danisa butter cookies are different from other cakes, ingredients may be the same, but different ways of making and processing make the taste not the same. Besides that, the cake from danisa is done by the hands of the master bakers, making the cake a favorite of cake lovers. The cake with butter and delicious taste that is unbearable. The cake does come from high quality butter, so it is also very balanced with wheat flour and natural ingredients on crispy and rich packaging.

Danisa butter cookies have an extraordinary process, so as to produce quality cakes. In this case, of course, the Dair danish specialty foods ApS monitor closely the recipes and the production. This is useful to ensure that for each cake produced is really high quality and safe. This Danisa cake also consists of various variants you can see below.

Variant of Danisa butter cookies
At this time the butter butter cookies are divided into three variants. First, there is the Traditional Butter Cake. Butter cookies by having a plain form are mixed using only butter and milk for flavor. The next variant is Choco Cashew Cookies, this is one of the butter cakes using chocolate and cashews that are very good with coffee. The soft and crunchy cookies are the company's favorite for peanut lovers. Third is Currants. This is a popular addition to biscuits that are available all over the world, but Danisa Butter Cookies provide an unbeatable flavor by only using fresh raisins which in this case can produce a sweet taste that is balanced with a subtle flavor with tar cake notes.

There are also Filled Butter Cookies, which are divided into two variants: Choco-Filled Butteries and Pineapple-Filled Butter Cookies. Choc-filled cookies are made with milk, butter, and natural ingredients that have been expertly mixed with rich chocolate filling to produce a rich and soft dish. Last, but not least, the Filled Pineapple Cake is ideal for those who like the surprise of a sweet fruit hidden in their butter cake.


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