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Dr. David Unwin - resolving Diabetes and Obesity

Dr. David Unwin - resolving Diabetes and Obesity

Ivor Cummins
Published on Oct 9, 2017

Do you want to know the cheapest, simplest method for resolving Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity? A method which empowers and motivates the patient to save themselves - without being pickled with pharmaceuticals?

Well then you need to listen to the doctor who figured it out some years back, and is saving people left, right and centre. And these people love him for it - as well they should. Humble and elegant, possessed of an enormous technical ability that can deploy new scientific push back the tsunami of diabetes, obesity and CVD in our society. He rather reminds me of Professor John Yudkin. But Yudkin was beaten back through no fault of his own. Whereas David will prevail. Because David is supported by an army. A fighting force which will win this battle against disease-breeding foods for once and for all. "Call us legion...for we are many." Please support my ongoing work by subscribing at - free and will always be free !



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